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Hey Guys....I got a pretty big bashing from the members in other communities about this community...I wanna keep it...and the reason that the community had so many mistakes is because I made it in about an hour before a thunderstorm rolled in and I had to get off my computer, and I left the community unchecked for errors and underdeveloped

Anyways...I would like to introduce myself...my name is Kate and I am the Mod...I do have pretty bad spelling so I appologize for that...and I am a huge red sox fan...some of the comments left on my post to interest people in this community said "is there anything other than the red sox?"...of course there is, I am a baseball fan but I concentrate on the red sox and how they are doing...I am a busy girl and don't have time to keep myself updated with every team...
I hope that this community helps me with that, and you guys help me broaden my knowledge....

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